Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rising Star: Ariana Grande.

Of course, I love Ariana Grande. She is my favorite artist to listen to, all together.
But, this is not about that. This is about why she is such a star.
First off, have you heard the girl sing? If you have not by now, then.. just... bless your soul.
Everyone has heard The Way featuring Mac Miller.. correct?
Does THAT ALONE show you her vocal prowess?
If not, then listen to the rest of her album.
Yours Truly is the album.. the ONLY album I have NEVER had to skip a song on.
I enjoyed every second of every song on there!
And noooooo.. It is not because she is my favorite. If anything, she's my favorite because of THAT!
Because Nicki & Rih are also my favs but I skip atleast 3 songs off of their latest albums all the time.
The fact of the matter is, ARIANA GRANDE CAN SANG.
Just look at her.. so young.. so ready for this stardom.
She will be one of the greatest. Mark my words.
She has the personality,
the looks, and most importantly, THE VOICE.
She's ready. I just hope YOU'RE all ready, 'cause I am.
Welp that's it for now.
(Oh & by the way, my favorites from her album Yours Truly are Right There & Honeymoon Avenue.)

Friday, June 7, 2013

This is the link to one of my Vine posts.. Go follow me on Vine!!
I'll be back in a little while to post about something more relevant.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Miley Cyrus' NEW STYLE.

Let's be honest. Way back when, I didn't too much care for Miley after like her second season. (I've always liked her more than Selena Gomez though.)
Demi was always my favorite. Miley seemed to be too plain, to have no edge to her at all, & no style or grace, either.
BUT, about a month ago, I saw her new style & fell in LOVE!
She is so free spirited now & fun & gorgeous! Her twitter bio killed me. "im a dime. best top of the line. cute facs slim waist with a BIG behind."
You guys....... I really fell in love!

Like.....LOOK AT HER!
She's killed me. Miley is really making an unforgetable name for herself. Because of how she is expanding, I'm really convinced that her success will be....grand.
Wanna see moooore?
Just amazinnnnnnn. You not phasinnnnnnnn.
Want more? NAH. BYE.


Well, I'm Frankie D. Barnes. Basically, I'm a craaazy a** writer. I write stories, write & direct my own little plays, & write songs (I do NOT want to be a rapper, I am not interested in being that, I just do it for fun).
Personality-wise, I am I'm hard to obtain, to control, to make stay down. I'm a VERY outspoken & talkative person, who has a lot to say. I'm not rude, though. But I am honest.
Annnywho, as I go along, I'll review things that go on in the world, I'll post random things that you'll love.. & more.
I'm excited. I should've been done this though. -_-
& i'm a piscesssssss
Hope people actually enjoy this journey with me.